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Mount Ararat Turkey

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Discover Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey and the culture and history of its surroundings!



Mount Ararat in the north east of Turkey near the Armenian border, is invariably mentioned as the place where Noah’s Ark landed. In cooperation with Nuhararat Tourism Agency ( founded by "Parasut" Ahmet Ertugrul and his team of specialists is a unique cultural adventure holiday drafted. Participants can experience the beautiful surroundings of Mount Ararat at first hand. There is also extensive cleared time to some cultural highlights like visiting Ani historical city. Highlight is a 2-day trip on Mount Ararat. With a real camp and interesting excursions etc. It’s all about the mysticism of the mountain. It’s said that Parasut had find the remains of Noah's Ark. He shared the news with the worldwide media, which made ??Turkey and especially the Mount Ararat region a big name around the world. For many years, he has worked in tourism, tour organization in Dogubayazit. Numerous foreign tourists become his friends after joining his tours. He has become a world figure known for being the discoverer of the Ark in 2008.
The program starts on Wednesday 12 June and onwards. The all in price (2 teams of 10 persons/ every Van has only 10 persons) will only pay € 1.299,00 all-inclusive for this lifetime experience of ten days. The organisation will offer the equipment needed. The participants only need to bring their personal belongings. The program can be tailor-made on special request.
There are two possibilities at the same time. The start will be in Kars or Van. The teams meet each other half way!

DAY 1:

Amsterdam (Schiphol) -Istanbul Airport  Pickup and transportation to the hotel. Followed by a city tour of Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Galata Tower.

DAY 2:

Istanbul Airport - Kars Airport Visiting the city of Kars. Fortress, churches, cemetery and monasteries in ancient Ani. Transportation to the 3 stars SIM-ER Hotel and dinner.

DAY 3 :

From Kars by bus to Doğubayazıt. On the route stopping over at Salt Caves by Tuzuluca and visit the Nomads. Than transportation to the 3 stars SIM-ER Hotel and dinner.

DAY 4 :

Early morning by jeep to 2.500m on Mount Ararat. Climbing on the south slope to the camp on 3.050m. Horse carriers bring up the loads, Camping, some acclimatization and barbeque in the evening. Sleeping in tents in the base camp.

DAY 5 :

Breakfast together and then a tour (with special attention for the native animals and botanic of the mountain), mountain climbing or hiking (everybody’s personal interest). They’re after a free afternoon. In the evening campfire and diner in the base camp.

DAY 6 :

Back by  jeep to Dogubayazit. Then visiting the world's second largest meteor crater of 60m deep and 35m wide. By bus to İshak Paşa Palace, the Ottoman Empire started its construction in 1685 and finished in 1784. It took 99 years to build this Palace of 95 rooms and harem by well-known architect Selcuk, the artist of the Ottoman Empire and Persia. Just opposite is the old Dogubayazit Mosque, of 420 years old. Old Dogubayazit was on an elevation of 2.000m and the new Dogubayazit is 1.640m. After that a visit to the hot spring with the possibility to swim and relax and return to Hotel in Dogubayazit.

DAY 7 :

By bus from Dogubayazit to Van. Underway visiting Muradiye Waterfall. Than to the hotel next to the lake and relax, swimming, the accommodation is the 4 stars Merit Hotel by the coast of Lake Van. View of sunset.

DAY 8 :

After breakfast at hotel, Van Hoşap Castle, the Kingdom of Urartu departing to Akdamar Island by ferry. Picnic lunch with special Van Lake fish served. After lunch, swimming on the island.  See the Van cats with two different eye colours, the sunset by the castle and then back to the hotel.

DAY 9 :

Breakfast and free morning, swimming, what ever. After lunch to the airport flying to Istanbul and transport to hotel.

DAY 10 :

After breakfast visiting Grand Bazaar en transportation to the airport and back to Amsterdam Holland.